Cycling – Possum Run

We had 4 total show up ready to ride this AM!  Panic Room made it last week over at Cottle Park.  By my Garmin we were able to complete about 13 miles in 45 mins.  We rode a few intervals with Sandbagger and Plan B leading the way.    We may have a name for this AO calling it the Possum Run as Sandbagger and Plan B almost ran over two of our road kill friendly critters.   LOL.  I got a much improved workout riding with my brothers than by myself.  HR max was up to 169 w/ avg at 141.  Not a bad workout, thanks for pushing me. We will try and add some challenges utilizing STRAVA app along with intervals to keep things interesting.

If your looking for something challenging and impact friendly (still good HR and leg workout) give this a try.  I’m on vacation next week but I will post the preblast for next Friday at Meadows Park.  Until next time Peace Out!

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