Beach Workout

  • When: 02/08/20
  • QIC: Double Dipper
  • The Pax: 420, Unicorn, II Fingers

The aforementioned beach workout is typically done on grass, which was frosted over, so we made an audible from the start. We immediately took off to the covered area via the long way around the high school for:

The Thang:

SSH 4CIC x 25; Box jumps OYO x 20; High Knees OYO x 50; Speed skaters OYO x 20; Butt Kickers OYO x 50; Burpees OYO x 20; Mountain Climbers OYO x 50; Slow Freddie Mercurys 4C each leg x 20; Plank x 50 sec; Squats OYO x 20; SSH 4CIC x 25; Merkins OYO x 20; Plank x 60 sec. Each exercise performed rather quickly with little down time in between.

Short-route mosey to the pullup bars for one max set each while other pax held wall sit. Long-route mosey back to the covered area for a rinse/repeat of the above with a few minor modifications.

Short-route mosey to the track for one Personal victory lap around the track competing against oneself and attempting to finish more quickly than expected. Long-route mosey back to the parking lot for:


LBCs on my up x 30, focusing on contracting abs and not tucking one’s chin–a more effective core exercise.

Finished with Count off, Name-o-rama (noting the absence of “respect” after any pax names), and a short prayer. Always an honor and pleasure to lead!


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