Bushwood BB: Parking block fun

  • When: 01/15/20
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Oz, 2 Fingers, Bitcoin, Stickbuilt, Plan B, Double Dipper, Kevorkian, Black Dog, Faulkner, Winthorpe, Bubbleguts, Peeping Tom, Unicorn, 420, Lumber (Cape Fear), McRib (QIC)

16 gathered on a nice spring morning in January.  Lots of sweat…..here’s how it went:


  • Helicopters IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • Michael Phelps IC X 10
  • HIgh knees down and back across parking lot
  • Butt kickers down/back
  • Defensive slide burpees across parking lot (one defensive slide, one burpee, 2 DS 2 Burpees……. to 5, then back same pattern)

Thang – partner up

  • Round 1 – Partner A – parking block straddle jumps (Mike Tyson’s over parking block) X 20, then bear crawl to partner at next row of parking spaces
  • Partner B – Carolina Dry docks X 20, wait for bear crawling partner, then mosey to blocks
  • Round 2 – Partner A – Toddler squats X 10, Sumo Squats X 10, Squat Jump X 10, bear crawl to partner
  • Partner B – Carolina Dry docks X 25
  • Round 3 – Partner A – parking block squats X 20 (heels on block, go as low as you can), bear crawl to partner
  • Partner B – Carolina Dry docks X 25
  • High knees down, butt kickers back, rinse repeat
  • Blue Hawaiian lap with 10 calf raises on each step on way back to parking lot
  • Jack Webbs – 1:2 ratio Merkins/Air presses all the way to 10 Merkins/20 Air presses, then back down.  Whew!


  • Dying Cockroach IC X 20
  • American Hammers IC X 20
  • Low Slow Flutter IC X 10
  • Box Cutters IC X 10
  • Freddie Mercuries IC X 20
  • Heel Touches IC X 20
  • Boat/ Canoe

Announcements – March 28 Bridge Run, sign up look for F3 New Bern team.  Chatter about a possible Ruck group.

Please continue to pray for Cuddy/Acolyte.

YHC Closed in prayer.

Great work this morning gents, good to have Lumber from Cape Fear join us.

McRib out! Don’t be a LTO.

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