55 days left in 2019

  • When: 11/06/2019
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Pax may have included but not limited to, 420, 2 Fingers, Oz, Lil Wayne, Haggis, Faulkner, Unicorn, Bubble Guts, Plan B, Double Dipper, Kevorkian, Gander, Sandbagger, Ingrown, Bitcoin, Black Dog, Cuddy, Winthorpe

Glad I’m bald, don’t think I could have lifted my arms to wash hair after this one!   Pax of 19 gathered for 100 derkins, 150 merkins, 200 urkins, 250 dips and 300 carolina dry docks in the Garber parking lot done in pairs.  Mix in a few burpees and a couple miles of running.

No victory laps this week and no injuries.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead, always a good time.

Peace out…Tom.

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