Bushwood Backblast – Doxology

  • When: 08/21/2019
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: 420, II Fingers, Agent P, Black Dog (RESPECT), Blue Hawaiian, Bubble Guts, Faulkner (RESPECT), Gander (RESPECT), Haggis, Kevorkian (RESPECT), Lattice, McRib, Mr. Roboto, Oz, Peeping Tom (RESPECT), Plan B, Unicorn, WinthorpE, Bitcoin (QIC)

Doxology — Also might be known as “The Old One-Hundredth” which was the key to today’s festivities as YHC has made 100 postings (101 counting today) for the year. Woot!!

This morning, a Pax of 19 posted in the heat and humidity.  YHC gave the Welcome and Disclaimer (although not as thorough as Unicorn’s delivery last Friday at The Point) and we got started with:


  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Sungods, IC, 10x forwards, 10x reverse
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Michael Phelps, IC, 10x


  • Burpees, OYO, 10x — Standard Plank for 100 seconds
  • Squats, IC, 10x — Elbow Plank for 100 seconds
  • Iron Mikes, IC, 10x — X Plank for 100 seconds
  • Monkey Humpers, IC, 10x — Chuck Norris Plank for 100 seconds (Mumble Chatter about knuckles on the pavement, and this from a contractor …)
  • Air Presses, 100x — Single Arm Plank for 50 seconds per arm
  • Burpees, OYO, 10x — Single Leg Plank for 50 seconds per leg
  • Squats, IC, 10x — Side Plank for 50 seconds per side
  • Iron Mikes, IC, 10x — Reverse Plank for 100 seconds
  • Monkey Humpers, IC, 10x — Position of Pain for 100 seconds
  • Air Presses, 100x — Chair Salutation for 100 seconds


  • LBC, OMU, 50x
  • LSF, IC, 25x
  • Dying Cockroach, OMU, 50x
  • In & Outs, IC, 25x
  • LBC, OMU, 50x
  • LSF, IC, 25x
  • Dying Cockroach, OMU, 50x

Hard Stop @ 0615 with Sweat Angels all around.


Count-O-Rama.  YHC forgot his favorite part of the morning, the Name-O-Rama.  Pax gave a subtle reminder, and wouldn’t you know it, YHC forgot to name himself after all Pax competed this task.  Another subtle hint from Oz rectified the situation.  Thank you, sir.  Just goes to show that it is okay to not have a perfect Q, so ….. please sign up to Q.  VQ’s are both welcomed and encouraged.  If you have performance anxiety, ask someone to Co-Q with you.  It will be great!

Announcements — GrowRuck 17 (see above right).  Mr. Roboto mentioned an F3 Nation Challenge for September.  Something about a massive accumulation of reps over the month.  Here is the link:

Iron Pax 2019

Pax brought it in and the actual Doxology was recited as our closing prayer.

Good work by all this morning.

WinthorpE has the Q for The Point.

Bitcoin out!

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