Vacation Prep Backblast

  • When: 07/31/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, Bubbleguts, Cuddy, Door Knob, Double Dipper, Faulkner, Haggis, Kevorkian, McRib, Mr. Roboto, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Stickbuilt, Unicorn

The heat was back on this morning as 15 gathered together on the last morning of July.  We took a long lap then did:

SSH IC x 10, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Merkens x 20 SC, American Hammers x 20 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Mountain Climbers x 10 IC.

We then got down to business with The Bearmuda Triangle:  there were 3 cones in a triangle, approximately 25 yards apart.  At the 1st Cone, 1 Burpee was done and Bear Crawl to 2nd, where 2 Burpees were done and Bear Crawl to 3rd, where 3 Burpees were done and Bear Crawl back to 1st cone.  This was rinsed and repeated x 2. We then took a short lap.

Thoroughly warm, we paired up and moved on to the meat of the workout:

Partner 1 ran backwards across parking lot, did a Bobby Hurley and ran forwards back, then did that again, while Partner 2 did an exercise.  Then partners flap jacked.  The exercises and total number of reps were:

Burpees- 100

Squats- 300

LBC’s- 150

Little Baby Arm Circles- 300

Merkens- 150

Imperial Walkers- 300

And that was all the time we had today.

Great work!  Thanks for coming out!

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