The Back 9

  • When: 06/12/2019
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Pyro, Flanksteak, Oz, Gander, Cuddy, Goose, 420, Stye, Tree Frog, Unicorn, Stick Built, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Lil Wayne, Plan B, Black Dog, Kevorkian, Winthorpe, Two Fingers, Mr Roboto, Ingrown

22 Posted for a suprisingly cool mid-July morning.  After a brief warm up we ran the back 9 holes stopping at each tee box to work on our often neglected back, shoulders to glutes.  At #17 we attacked the source of most back problems, the front, with sections of an ab workout borrowed from P90x.  Had to cut it short due to the unexpected bear crawl down #15 but a good time was certainly had by all.

Pleasure to lead.

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