Finding myself staring at my watch in bed at 5:23 (in bed) presented 2 immediate problems.  A) 8 men were gathering in the dark to exercise, and there was no chance the Q would make it for on time start.  B) I was going to have to workout without coffee.  (and you know I have trouble with counting anyway!) Fortunately, Oz stepped in to start things off.  I was able to pick up after the Sungods  and SSH.



Cotton Pickers

Downard dog, L over R, R over L, Upward dog

Blue Hawaiian Lap

4x4s – (butchered the count, PAX took it in stride)

Run to intersection of CC and Camelia (Shoulder taps x 20)

Run to office park –  Travoltas x 20

Run to Belfern entrance – Oz and Pigeon stretch

Quick run to Meadows park

7s (Q fail on instructions, once again, PAX bailed him out.)  Cornfed’s best onliner of the day – “Does Starbucks  deliver?”

Run to Greenwood, pick up the six

Back to NBGCC parking lot



Crossed LBCs

Crunchy Frogs

Closed in Prayer

Appreciate the PAX patience this morning!

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