Surprise Bear

A Pax of 5 posted on a beautiful morning for the Bear.   We were surprised to find ourselves Q less, and it was definitely my turn, so we started with

Jumping Jacks

Cotton Pickers

Downward dog w/ stretches, to upward dog, back to downward dog, 10 merkins

Mosey to Track – slow lap around the track as follows

More stretching of legs and groin

11’s w/ 100 meter run (merkins and imperial walkers.)

Bear crawl x 25 meters, American Hammers

Crab walk x 25 meters, McRib special monkey bar work (Pull up, monkey across the upright, repeat pull up.)

Bear Crawl x 25 meters, Backward Boxcutters

Crawl Bear x 25 meters, LBCs, then crossing LBCs

Spring 100meters

Crawl Bear x 25 meters, American hammers

Lt Dan x 75 Meters

Mosey to the covered deck

Partnered back exercises (Partner A lays prone on block, with legs and hips on the block, chest and head suspended, then goes down to the ground with head, flexing at waist, partner B holds his legs.)

One leg squats, other leg suspended on block behind you


Alternating shoulder taps – with feet on block

Travoltas – with feet on block

Mosey back to parking lot


Let raises

Crunch Frogs

Closed in Prayer.



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