10-S NE-1?

A Pax of 17 gathered in the ever increasingly warm gloom for a midweek gathering of fitness, fellowship & faith. Through the darkness of the gloom, the lights of the 10-S courts were calling. The theme of the pre-blast title was followed. No FNGs, so we jumped into:


  • Seal Jacks 4CICx10
  • Sprinklers 4CICx10
  • Smurf Jacks 4CICx10
  • Sun Gods 4CICx10, reverso
  • Stretching OYO

Scout Run to 10S courts – squats at intervals


Entered the 10S courts and lined up on the sidelines facing across the two courts. A succession of exercises were performed after a successful suicide run across the 10S courts. Total suicide count? You guessed it – 10. I apologize for all the 10, 15 & 20 counts – suicides got me more than I expected. Each suicide followed by:

  • Squat Thrusts 4CICx10
  • Squirkins OYOx10; flapjack
  • Seal Crawl – cross court & back
  • STTF (sacks to the fence) – pax count of 10 each
  • Spiderman Crawl – cross court & back
  • San Antonio Shuffle OYOx10
  • Star Jacks 4CICx10
  • Scorpion Dry Docks SCx10 OMD; flapjack
  • Stump Huggers 4CICx10
  • Suicide Squats 4CICx10

Scout Run back to parking lot via a Blue Hawaiian ending.


  • Squeaky Bed Dolly 4CICx10
  • Starfish Crunch 4CICx10 (performed incorrectly by YHC, but we still did an effective movement)
  • Sweat Angels 4CICx10

For some strange reason to finish our time, a Scout Run was called back to the Bushwood entrance and back. Overzealous mistake – won’t happen again.

Good news for Cuddy – no broken ribs, but still a painful fall during b-ball. Someone said something about a 35 age limit or something… Continued prayers for all.

I hope everyone got something out of this morning – I appreciate the opportunity to lead.



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