12-10-18 Fartlek Backblast

Since the hurricane, I’ve been in hibernation.  Like a bear; except that bears lose weight during hibernation because they don’t eat.  Inspired by the grand opening of the new Harris Teeter (largest in the world they say), I came out of my cave this morning to lead a group of 8 men wild enough to run in the rain.

No warmarama

Mosey from club parking lot to Meadows Park parking lot.  Bear crawl down, lunge walk back.  50 fly-away merkins.  40 air presses.

Mosey from Meadows Park parking lot to Garber parking lot.  SSH X 25 IC.  Run lap with burpees at the corners.  Run backward lap with burpees at the corners.  Run lap with defensive slides at the short ends.

Mosey back to Club and underneath.  Short Mary with low slow flutter X 25 IC and American Hammers X 25 IC.

Ended with short prayer by QIC.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Christmas Gathering Wednesday night beginning at 5:30 at Ratty’s.  Bring a coat to donate if you are able.  Sign up to adopt a family for Christmas – see prior email sent by Roll Tide.

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