High School Musical… sort of.

5 pax joined together for fun with a musical twist. Apparently, many pax assumed a learned dance routine and singing and opted for Bushwood. Looks like a fun time was had there as well. There was no music from High School Musical – YHC just used music and we were at a high school…

The weather looked dodgy, sprinkling as we gathered, but when we circled up, it stopped. God does love him some F3 – so we jumped right into…


  • Side Straddle Hops 10x 4CIC
  • Sun Gods 10x 4CIC, reverse
  • Cotton Pickers 10x 4CIC
  • Downward Dog OYO


  • Started the action with a round of Roxanne with a merkin on Roxanne and a plank jack on Red Light.
  • Guantanamo – circle up on your 6, legs at 45 degrees; single pax side shuffles around circle pushing legs down of each pax as they pass. Repeato opposite direction shuffle.
  • Crowd Pleasers – 1:1 merkin and groiner combo cycled up to 5:5.
  • Indian Crab Walk – LBCs while waiting on the crab – 1 cycle. Thank God for a small pax today.
  • Prisoner Indian Run – a moment of rest as we circled the campus.
  • Continued work at traffic circle with a round of Tubthumping with burpees on the chorus ‘I get knocked down’ – stopped at 20 burpees.
  • Guantanamo – repeato
  • Crowd Pleasers – repeato 5:5 to 1:1
  • Indian Crab Walk – repeato with Freddie Mercurys
  • Prisoner Indian Run – repeato
  • Continue work at traffric circle with a round of Born to be Alive (old disco tune) with feet on the curb and arched on shoulders. Hip thrusters at Born and Alive – lots of grumbling.
  • Body Builders – burpee with plank jack 10x OYO
  • Rosalita Wips – On 6, legs at 90 degrees; legs out, return, to 6″, return – 30x 4CIC
  • Moved back to music with a round of Thunderstruck – merkins – stopped at 3:00.
  • Ahead of schedule, so threw in a mosey around the campus for giggles.
  • Back at circle for Suzanne Somers – 35x OMD


One minute of LBCs


Continued in the spirit of Roboto from last week discussing the big picture of F3 and the community it builds. Thanks to Goose for his F3 testimonial – keep up the great work. Discussed Turkey Trot next week – let’s see about organizing an F3 group for that event next week.

Honored to be a part of this group and to lead this am.



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