Deuce’s Haunted House

A PAX of 12 ghosts and goblins showed up for a peak at Deuce’s Haunted House.  With a chill in the air and no FNGs, we started our


  • Pumpkin Pickers  IC x 12
  • Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns IC x 20
  • Ghoul Mornings x 10
  • Scarecrow sun gods IC x 10 x both directions

Before moseying to the tennis courts, 10 Thriller Burpees OYO.  As we approached the hard courts, which would soon become our haunted house, we performed Mountain Climbers IC x 10.  Aren’t all pictures of a haunted house on top of a mountain?

YHC reminded the PAX that any good haunted house at the state fair has a long line through a queue.  As such, the PAX traced the lines of one side of the tennis courts by performing Frankenstein Lunges with a stop at each turn for some Kiss the Grave Merkins (total of 10 stops, start with 1, increase by 1 at each stop, with 10 at the final turn).

Once in the haunted house, we were so excited that we had to stop for 10 more Thriller Burpees OYO.  When we rounded the last corner, it was time for some Dancing Skeletons (aka Imperial Walkers) IC x 12.

Main attraction #1

RIP Suicides.  Partner A runs suicides across 2 tennis courts while Partner B does exercises that start with R (Reverse Crunches).  Flapjack.   Partner B does exercises that start with I (Iron Mikes). Flapjack.  Partner B does exercises that start with P (Plank Jacks).  Flapjack.

Main attraction #2

Wall of Terror.  Partner A performs Balls to the Wall while all Partners B perform 31 Spooky Squats as a group.  Flapjack.  Rinse and Repeat.  Partner A performs People’s Chair while all Partners B perform 20 Halloween Hammers  IC as a group.  Flapjack.  Rinse and Repeat.

Before leaving the haunted house, 10 more Thriller Burpees OYO.

Main Attraction #3

Feeling like our visit at the haunted house wasn’t quite long enough, we moseyed back to the parking lot and found some wall for 31 Darth Vader Dips followed by 31 Derkins.  Rinse and Repeat.  YHC truly is scared about how his arms are going to feel in the morning.


  • Superman hold for 31 seconds.  Rinse and Repeat.
  • Spell HALLOWEEN with legs.

No announcements.   We took 31 seconds of quiet for reflection etc.

YHC has never been so exhausted after leaving a haunted house.

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