Circle of Death

We gathered at The Point under the flags on a 46 deg partly cloudy day.  I was grateful for no precipitation and the number of pax that posted.  Always good to hear how the week has been and what lies ahead for the weekend. No FNGs so we moseyed to the Warm-O-Rama at overflow parking lot.


  • High Knees across, Right Shuffle Return x2
  • Butt Kicks across,  Left Shuffle Return x2
  • Skaters across, Walking Lunges Return x2
  • Lunges across , Frankenstein’s Back x2

The Thang – Part I Suicides

  • Plank Position, Go, suicides three pylons, Plank for six, 15 wide push ups
  • Plank, Go Rt Side Shuffles, Plank for six, 15 Close push ups
  • Plank, Go…Lt Side Shuffles, Plank for six, 15 Carolina dredge push ups
  • Plank, Backwards there forwards back, Plank, 15 Staggard Push-ups, Alternate
  • Leap Frog between pylons to opp end with partner, back, plank for six, 15 push ups

The Thang – Part II Circle of Death

Set cones around in a big circle (10 Cones)

  • Pt 1 runs around circle stop at each pylon, squat, switch lunge repeato 3 times
  • Pt 2 Walk it out, back, knee slap, repeato until Pt 1 returns
  • Switch up Pt1 / Pt2
  • Return Pt1 & Pt2 Together 20 squats


  • Pt 1 Rt Shuffle to pylon, Star Jacks 4 total (two each leg)
  • Pt 2 Alternate Planks w/ mountain climbers 4 each leg
  • Switch up Pt1 / Pt2
  • Return Pt1 & Pt2 Together 20 lunges (10 each leg)


  • Pt 1 Lt Shuffle to pylon, 4 squat thrusts
  • Pt 2 Pogo, ski (mogul jumps)
  • Switch up Pt1 / Pt2
  • Return Pt1 & Pt2 Together 20 Squat thrusts


  • Side V sit ups – 25 Total switch repeato
  • Austin Ass Kickers – 25 IC, 1 CT (All fours, left leg out, right arm out)
  • Box cutters – 25 Each


  • Gander party on Saturday evening
  • Close out in prayer

Thank y’all for a good workout.  What a great way to start the weekend with all of the F3 Brothers.  Great job PAX!  May all of your favorite teams win………


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