BOMBS at the D-Bird

7 Men at Dirty Bird this morning. We all had a good ole time!

Warm O Rama

Capri Lap 

Walk Like An Egyptian (with some stretches worked in)

A few more stretches OYO and then right over to the tennis courts.

The Thang

B.O.M.B.S. (partner up) – Pax 1 runs length of tennis courts, Pax 2 does exercises. Swap out until # of exercises is complete.

50 Burpees, 100 Overhead T Claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Big Boy Situps (modified to LBC’s for second 100, 250 Squats

Bear Crawl Inch Worm – just like it sounds. Pax lines up head to feet in plank position while man at the back bear crawls to the front. Rinse & repeat 2x

Dominoes – 1 Pax per curb holding side-plank with left arm up, 1st Pax rotates to plank and does 5 merkins, then 2nd Pax follows…all the way to the end. Entire Pax holding plank. The entire Pax side-planks with right hand up and we work our way back.

Mosey to Dirty Bird flag pole for Mary…

Mary –

Climate Change  – Pax in a circle holding Al Gore.

Round 1 – Pax does a 5 Burpee Time Bomb

Round 2 – Pax does a 3 Bobby Hurley Time Bomb

Round 3 – Pax does a 1 Split Jacks Time Bomb

And that’s all she wrote…

Closed out with a quick prayer. One very important note – PLEASE keep Stye and his family in your thoughts and prayers – he lost his brother yesterday. Stye – we’re all with you, pal! Stay strong.


October 27th – Gander’s House for a KISS Birthday Party.



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