Black Ops Ruck

This Labor Day morning began with an alternative to the Fartlek – an informal kickoff of a new ruck-style workout (more info will be forthcoming at a later date).  After YHC offered appropriate apologies to Oz for having a Black Ops event during his Fartlek Q, fistbumps were exchanged and all is well. Acolyte, Mr. Roboto and YHC joined the full Pax for Oz’s Warm-O-Rama, with the sweet sound of Mr. Roboto’s plates clanging in the gloom during SSH.  Once the running started, our smaller Pax strided out for:


Starting from parking lot, ruck to Wilson Creek bridge (approx. 1 mile).  On the way, one vehicle = 5 merkins.  At the far side of the bridge, perform 20 upright ruck rows and 20 ruck presses.  Also at the bridge, Acolyte called an Omaha for 10 irkins on bridge rail.  While at/on the bridge, two vehicles passed, so we added 20 more irkins.  At some point along the return route, Mr. Roboto issued an Omaha for a 35-40 yard lunge walk.  Pax then stopped at the traffic island at the confluence of Chelsea, Country Club and Trent Woods for 20 squats.    Detour down Hillcrest, across Morgan Ln. to Camelia and back out to Country Club.  Bear crawl driveway from first (former) speed bump to parking lot where Fartlek Pax were circled up for Mary.  A few whoops of encouragement rang out from the runners.  Awesome.  Finished up with entire Pax for Count-O-Rama & COT.

Total time in actual ruck mode: approx. 38 minutes

Total distance:  approx 2.2 miles

Total merkin/irkin count:  75

Rucking is a great way to get in some decent cardio if running is not your thing (Active Resistance Training).  Another benefit is the opportunity to have some actual conversation with your Pax while under ruck – pretty cool.

Ruckership:  The special brand of fellowship engendered by men moving together under ruck.

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