Bushwood Backblast – (Club) House of Pain

A Pax of 26 strong posted for the weekly workout at Bushwood.  Today’s program was designed  to push the Pax in a different manner than what is accustomed.  Instead of a multitude of dynamic exercises, we instead performed isometric (static) holds for the course of the workout.  We all voluntarily subjected ourselves to the unwavering, unfaltering, uncaring stopwatch.  With no FNGs this morning, we started with ….


  • SSH 4ct IC 12x
  • Cotton Pickers 4ct IC 10x
  • Seated Hamstring Stretch OYO
  • Demonstration of Position of Pain (POP)
  • Blue Hawaiian Lap from parking lot, underneath clubhouse, back into parking lot and back under the clubhouse for ….


  • BTTW (1:45 hold); Iron Cross (1:00 per position for 3 minutes total hold); Dying Cockroach Hold (1:45 hold)
  • POP (1:45 hold); 6 inch Leg Raise & hold (1:45 hold); Superman/Banana (1:30 hold per position)
  • Standard Plank (1:45 hold); Chair Salutation (1:45 hold); Boat/Canoe (1:30 hold per position)
  • Elbow Plank (1:45 hold); Leg Chamber/Extend (1:45 total hold per leg); 007 hold (1:30 hold)
  • Side Plank (1:30 hold per side); People’s Chair (1:45 hold); Ranger Knuckle Plank in down position (1:45 hold); Calf Raise (1:30 hold)


  • Seated Alternating Hamstring/Calf Stretch
  • Seated Groin Stretch
  • Reclining Pigeon
  • ITB Stretch
  • Pot Stirrers
  • Hard Stop @ 0615

Circled up underneath the clubhouse for Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements & Prayer.  PyrOz will be on Q for The Point.  Check out the Preblast for details.

Gentlemen, YHCs hope is that this workout, while different, was still a challenge (don’t know about you, but I was leaving DNA puddles all over the place).  After all, we look forward to doing hard things, so as to get better.  That is part of why we keep setting the alarm and leave the comfort of the fartsack.  Perhaps one or more of you encountered a mental barrier that you were able to break through today.  Pain is nothing more than weakness leaving the body.  Great work this morning.  YHC is honored to be a part of F3NewBern.  Thank you for the inspiration, for the effort, and for the fact that there is no doubt that I am better because of my association with you.

In sincere appreciation,


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