The Bear – Dora with a Twist

10 men including Chester from Churham (in town for his 20th High School reunion) and Honey Wagon’s 2.0, Sunfish (AKA Graham), posted this warm July morning. After providing the meaning of F3 and an abbreviated disclaimer we jumped right into…

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, 4 CT
SSH x 25 IC, 4CT
Windmills x 12 IC
Downward Dog/Upward Dog

We did an Indian run to the practice football field and divided into teams of three for a traditional Dora but with a twist. Man #1 performed an upper body exercise on the 50 yard line. Man #2 performed ab exercise on the goal line. Man #3 sprinted between Man #1 and Man #2.
Man #1 & Man #2 each commenced their respective exercise while Man #3 started at Man #1, sprinted to the Man #2, and then returned to his starting point, and then sprinted back across to relieve Man #2 and assume his exercise. Man #2 then performed the same “across-back-across” sprint and relieved Man #1 and assumed his exercise. Man #1 become the sprinter and continued the routine. The twist was that unlike a typical Dora where we count reps, we went for time.

Round One: Merkins and LBCs (10 minutes)
Round Two: Overhead Claps and Hammers (9 minutes)
Round Three: Hand-Release Merkins and WWI (6 minutes) (Shortened for a water break)
Round Four: Burpees and Flutter Kicks (9 minutes)

Next, we moseyed to the side of the school where we did 100 calf raises followed by 25 dips IC. We then moseyed to the front for…

Box Cutters x 15 IC 4CT

There is still time to sign up for Sasquatch and Honey Wagon reported that the Cottle Park project is going well.

I appreciated the opportunity to lead and remember that we are all on the clock; therefore, live, push, love, give, laugh, and serve to the buzzer.

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