Bushwood Backblast

Eighteen of us showed up this morning for some hard work.

After a quick Blue Hawaiian lap (welcome back!), we moved straight into


SSH IC x 15

Mountain Climbers IC x 10

Cotton Pickers IC x 10

Michael Phelps IC x 10

Quad Stretches x 10 single count

The Thang

2 Circuits of BIMBOS (20 each of Bobby Hurleys, Imperial Walkers, Merkens, Big Boy Sit-ups, Overhead Claps/Lunge, Shoulder taps (alternating), followed by a Blue Hawaiian lap.

Then we moved over to the riverbank for a little hill work. After partnering up,

  • Burpback Mountain- 1st Partner ran backward up hill, normal down 3 times while 2nd Partner did Burpees. Flapjack until 100 Burpees done.  Ran the hill when done.
  • Bear Crawl/Plankjack: 1st Partner Bear Crawled up Hill, ran down while 2nd Partner did Plank Jacks, flapjacked until each partner went 3 times. Planked for the 6.
  • Lieutenant Dan/Monkey Humper: 1st Partner did Lieutenant Dan up, ran back and second partner did Monkey Humpers, flapjacked until each partner went 2 times. Plank for the 6
  • Partner Wheelbarrow up and back, then flapjacked.


American Hammers x 20 IC

Leg Raises x 20 single count

LBC’s x 20 single count

That was all.  Good work this morning!  Thanks for coming out!


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