Almost 40

Warm-a-Rama: 20 Side Straddle Hops IC; 10 Sun Gods IC each way; Cotton Pickers x 10 IC; Downward Dog OYO

The Thang: goal 40 reps per stop, 40 burpees total

Run  Country Club Rd loop back to NBGCC

Garber : 1st Stop 20 Merkens single count; 20 plank jacks; 10 Burpees

Meadows Park; 2nd stop: 20 nolan ryans, 20 WWI sit ups; 10 burpees

fernGlen entrance: 3rd stop: 20 Dying Cockrocah, 20 jump squats; 10 burpees

Intersection of cornelia 4th stop  20 sumo squats: 10 burpees

Mosey back

Mary – Ran out of time

Announcements – still time to sign up for Sasquatch or donate to Cottle Park Fundraiser


– Prayers for Bitcoin as he and his family head off to youth Camp;

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, and thank you for your patience as I stumbled through, sorry we ran short on time.  please send any feedback or suggestions for next time

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