18 men gathered in the early morning gloom at Bushwood.  Since it’d been awhile since my last Q, ran it back to the first workout I ever Q’d.  Minimal running, lots of crawls and over 200 merkins of various types.  With no FNG’s we jumped right in.

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Abe Vigodas (Slow Windmills) IC x20
Moroccan Nightclub IC x20
Downward Dog/Upward Dog OYO
Merkle (Merkin Cycle)- Ranger Merkins x5, Merkins x5, Werkins x5, Carolina Dry Docks x5
Short mosey to #17 fairway

Gauntlet style exercises across the fairway and back.  Every exercise was based out of a plank position to keep the arms burning.  Crawls could be modified with lunges.

1st circuit
Merkle, Bear Crawl across fairway, Groiners x10 a side, Bear Crawl back, Merkle
2nd circuit
Merkle, Crab Walk across fairway, Plank Dips x20, Crab Walk back, Merkle
3rd circuit
Merkle, Crawl Bear across fairway, Plank Jacks x30, Crawl Bear back, Merkle
4th circuit
Merkle, Walk Crab across fairway, Alternating Shoulder Taps x40, Walk Crab back, Merkle

Bonus circuit – Partner Copperhead Merkle Sprints
PAX A sprinted across fairway while PAX B held Ranger Merkin halfway down.  PAX B then held all the way down on PAX A’s return sprint and pushed up when PAX A completed sprint.  PAX A and B swapped.
This was repeated for each of the 3 remaining Merkle exercises (Merkin, Werkin, CDD).  After a short break, repeated the bonus circuit.

Slow Mosey to the raised flower box by 18 green for Slow Reverse Grip Merkin IC x10 and Wheel of Dirkins (1 rep, 2 reps and 3 reps without breaking decline plank)

Mosey/Walk to gather parking lot for Mary.

Freddie Mercurys IC x20
American Hammers IC x20
Boxcutters IC x20
Windshield Wipers IC x10
Low Slow Flutter 1 minute

Sasquatch July 28th
Ashville Spartan Aug 4th

Closed in Prayer

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