Cottle Park Contribution

PAX: As there seemed to be sufficient interest in donation by credit/debit card, the Go Fund Me page is live and ready to accept our contributions towards Give Grow Foundation’s fund for Cottle Park. Link can be found on the side bar on the Backblast page as well as in this post. If it is your preference, checks and cash will be collected by Bubble Guts, so please bring your donations to an AO that you expect BG will be in attendance (I believe you would make your checks out to BG himself, BG, please confirm in comment section below).  I would suggest that there is no need that this be limited to just our Pax, as anyone who would like to donate on our behalf would be welcome since there will be many to benefit from the success of this campaign and the park.

F3 Contribution towards Cottle Park

Thanks for your support.


  1. Pax,

    It would certainly be easier to donate through this go fund me….. but, If you prefer cash or check simply write the check to “Give Grow” and in the memo label it Cottle Park. I am usually present at bushwood. Thanks to Roboto and ALL of you donating to this worthy cause!
    — Bubble Guts

  2. Thank you Pax for a successful campaign. $2,500.00 was raised to support Cottle Park. Well done. Contributions to the Go Fund Me are now closed.

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