The Octonary – A Remembrance

Nothing like a Pax of 26 and an FNG to really make a VQ a nerve racking experience. YHC appreciates your patience and understanding for the learning curve.

Octonary – relating to or based on the number eight. YHC likes reps with a definitive end that gives a goal to reach. Eight worked for easy counting that YHC mostly got. It also allowed a variety of exercises along with running.

Mumbled through the disclaimer. Got started.


  • SSH 4CICx8
  • Sun Gods 4CICx8; taeper & esnir
  • Side Lunge Stretch until grunts were heard
  • Downward Dog

The explanation of Snake Charmer was not acceptably defined, so here it is. Snake Charmer = Indian Run of a different Indian. Just a Snake Run, trying to give it a funny name. Tried. Failed. Moved on.

Mosey to Garber rear parking lot, found a partner for a few exercises.


Cycle Training – station #1 exercise, bear crawl to station #2 exercise, cut across middle aisle on a jailbreak to station #3 exercise, mosey back via back aisle, cut across middle aisle to station #1. Ran a figure 8 thru the parking lot – catch that?

Station #1 (Abs)

  • 8 Leg Throws w/partner; switch omu
  • 8 American Hammers 4CIC
  • 8 Plank Jacks 4CIC
  • 8 Box Cutters 4CIC
  • 8 WWIs omu
  • 8 Monkey Squats 4CIC
  • 8 Low Slow Flutters 4CIC (did not achieve)
  • 8 Squat Jumps omu (did not achieve)

Station #2 (Quads/Glutes)

  • 8 Tarheel Debutante Pushes 4CIC each leg
  • 8 Fire Hydrants (knee off ground) omu each leg
  • 8 Copperhead Squats omd
  • 8 Mountain Climbers 4CIC
  • 8 Lunges (knee touches) omd each leg
  • 8 Slurpees 4CIC
  • 8 Monkey Humpers omd (did not achieve)
  • 8 Hinge Box Squat omd (did not achieve)

Station #3 (Shoulders/Chest)

  • 8 Perkins (partner holds legs for derkin) omd
  • 8 Wide Merkins
  • 8 Shoulder Tap 4CIC
  • 8 Spidey Merkins omd
  • 8 Carolina Dry Docks omd
  • 8 Dry Ball Merkins omd
  • 8 V Dry Docks on Toes omd (did not achieve)
  • 8 Dry Ball Merkins omd (did not achieve)

Mosey back to NBGCC in the failed Snake Charmer.


  • 16 LBCs called, but I think I did Freddie Mercurys – can’t remember – a bit gassed
  • 16 Heel Touches 4CIC, gave up. done.

Welcome to FNG Bangkok (you know how to say it…).


  • Sputnik looking for fellow victims for Mudder’s Day (sorry – it was a softball) Run in Fayetteville. 5/13/18. See Sputnik for organization.
  • Need to organize F3NB for funds donation to Cottle Park – Mr. Roboto is looking into it.

Prayers for BitCoin’s 2.0’s knee surgery.

YHC closed in prayer.

Thank you for allowing YHC to Q. I really enjoyed it. Hate that the Pax did not get to enjoy the final two cycles of The Octonary. Will speed it up next time to get all 8 cycles in. Did not see as much leakage as I had hoped, so maybe the 8 will do it. Or just drop the easy stuff…




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