Fartlek Backblast

For whatever reason the Fartlek has not been attended by me in some time.  It seems it is just too easy to fartsack on a Monday.  So, in an effort to jump start my attendance I figured there was no better way to guarantee attendance by signing up to Q.   A total of 14 were there this morning.   There was some mumble chatter about the cooler morning and hope that these 40 degree mornings are soon a thing of the past.  We  will regret those words in July and August…the clock hit 5:30 and with no FNG we jumped into:

  •  SSH 4 count IC x 20
  • Cotton Pickers 4 count IC x 10
  • High Knees 4 count IC x 10
  • Downward dog stretching

Mosey to entrance of the club take a right and line up for snake run.  Took a left on Country Club where we met a vehicle at the stop sign.  The snake scattered both ways around the car.  Thank goodness we met a patient driver who I am sure wondered what just happened.  We re-grouped and headed up to Holly Ridge and planked for the 6.  At Holly Ridge we lined up and did a Bear craw/crawl bear across the street and back and performed 5 Plank Jacks 4 count IC.  We repeated with 3 Plank Jacks and then down to  1.  We re-grouped the snake and had a better go of it to Meadows Park where we planked for the 6 and then lined up in parking lot and did the following:

  • Sprint down and back
  • Backward run down and back
  • Carioca down and back

Took a right out of the parking lot and did an Indian Run to the grass median  at the intersection of Country Club and Chelsea.  Plank for the 6 and move into:

  • LBC x 30
  • Boxcutter x 15

Indian Run to Trent Woods Office Park parking lot where we did 10 Burpees OYO.  Continue running OYO at 90% pace to Hillcrest Road.  Fast guys circled back for the 6.  After a  10 count to catch our breath we moved into a Scout Run with Imperial Walkers down Hillcrest left on Tenella and back to corner of Country Club and Camelia.   We became a little disjointed so we re-grouped across the street at Country Club and Greenview.  Once together another OYO 90% to Club entrance and circle back for the 6.  Upon re-grouping we gave it all you got up entrance to parking lot.

Finished up with

  • LSF 4 count IC x 10
  • Dolly 4 count IC x 10
  • Boxcutters x15

Hard stop at 6:15.

Family Day at Cottle Park raised about $3,600.  Honeywagon reports that about $40,000 has been raised to date.  Still time for the Pax to put a group F3 donation together.

Gander on Q at Bushwood – way to step up and lead!  Can’t wait for that one.

According to Kevorkian’s watch we got in approximately 3.7 miles.  The Fartlek has always spooked me a bit and to finally be able to lead felt good.  For those that have been coming out and haven’t Q’d just yet go on and step up.  You will not regret it.  Just follow Gander’s example.  Aye!

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