Bushwood – Fabulous 44’s

A very large group of 25 souls gathered this AM for another round of Bushwood.  Weather was perfect.  Today is YHC’s 44th birthday, so we are trying to set a precedent for every pax member to Q a workout if it falls on one’s birthday.  We had 2 FNGs so YHC rattled off the mission statement and jumped right into….


Windmills x 10, Helicopter X 10, Imperial Walker X 20 , Crab Cake X 20, Freddie Mercury X 20 – 4 Burpees OYO  **4 burpees to be done whenever YHC felt like it (basically every 4-5 minutes or so(always a crowd favorite) Short mosey to the Tennis courts for…

The Thang/ Fantastic 40’s

Partner up for 2 rounds of 10 Wheelbarrow steps and 10 then 20 partner leg tosses.

Due to high numbers the pax broke into two groups starting on opposite facing endlines across courts 1 and 2. Each Pax member did 10 merkins, lunged across their respective court to the center, 10 monkey humpers, Lunge back to the endline, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Lunge back to center portion b/w courts 1&2, 10 WWI, Lunge back to the starting endline – Plank for the 6

Repeato going back with 20 of each and bunny hopping across each court.  Al Gore at the end.

Repeato with 30 of each and bear crawl across each court – Plank for the 6

One more time with 44 of each exercise and crabwalk (or lunges) across each court (the Pax could modify with LBCs for WWIs bc  30-40 WWIs in a row is pretty tough)

Mosey back to parking lot  for Mary, 1-leg Alabama Debutante Pushes (10 each leg), Box Cutters x 10, Dollies x 10, LSF x 10, 4 burpees OYO.

No new announcements but remember the Cottle Park fundraiser is this Saturday so please try to attend and show support  . Unicorn Q for point, Bitcoin Q for the Bear (his first Bear Q so we need to show support, way to step up Bitcoin!)

YHC took us out in prayer. Time for folks to step out of their comfort zone and Q.  It’s not hard just a little bit of thought and time commitment.  Welcome FNGs Hilfiger and Mittens!  It was a honor to lead on my birthday, and hopefully others will do the same.  F3 has changed me for the better and it was great to see everybody in the gloom.

Always a pleasure!


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