The Fartlek Backblast

15 men came out to get better.

Blue Hawaiin Lap
Mosey to Camelia for Warmorama
SSH x 20
Downward Dog, R, L
Merkins x 20

Mosey down Camelia, across Tenelia, up Hillcrest to intersection w/ Country Club
Burpee x 10
Low Country Crab x 10

90% to Office parking lot (4/10 of a mile)
Imperial Walkers x 20
LBC x 20

Death march to Coquina (½ mile)
Sleeping Hillbilly x 20
Ranger Merkins x 20

Mosey to Meadows Park
PCMB x 5 (as expertly demonstrated by BitCoin.) (Prison Cell Merkin Burpee)

Indian Run (Prisoner) to Greenwood
Michael Phelps for the 6
Mosey back to NBGCC

Closed in prayer.
Always a pleasure to lead.

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