Fartlek Backblast- The Coop Part II

Fourteen of us gathered for the Fartlek this morning, while 4 additional Pax- Acolyte, Bitcoin, Mr. Roboto and Plan B- stayed at the NBGCC for some heavy sandbag work.

After a quick Indian Run over to the Garber Parking lot, we began

Warm a Rama:

Sun Gods x 10 IC

Side Straddle Hops x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

Michael Phelps x 10 IC

Quad Stretches OYO

Downward/Upward Dog and calf stretches

The Thang:

We moved on to a circuit called “The Cooper.”

10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkens, followed by a lap around the Garber parking lot, then

9 Burpess, 9 Squats, 9 Merkens, then a lap,

and so on and so forth until down to 1 Burpee, 1 Squat and 1 Merken,

then back up again until it was 6:05.  Then we did some


Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Low Slow Flutter x 15 IC

LBC’s x 20

Boxcutters x 15 IC

American Hammer x 15 IC

We then did a quick Indian Run back to the NBGCC, gathered with the sandbaggers for Name a Rama, and we were done.  All told, we ran between 3-3.5 miles in addition to all of the other exercises.  Thanks for coming out!

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