The Point Backblast – The Sink Bomb

17 men including one FNG (Rooster) posted on this beautiful spring morning. After providing the F3 meaning (W/ some help from Unicorn), mission, and disclaimer we kicked things off with…

Windmills x 14 IC 4CT
Michael Phelps x 12 IC, 4 CT
Seal Jacks x 14 IC, 4 CT
Hillbillies x 14 IC 4CT (After an embarrassing start by YHC doing goofballs )
Downward Dog OYO

Thang – Stink B.O.M.B.S. (Modified)
Given the flatulence of the PAX at Bushwood, YHC was inspired to try a new partner exercise called a stink BOMB. To find an appropriate field we did an Indian run to the traffic circle where there was a perfect spot where some cones had been placed in a circle. The exercise entailed partner A running to center cone and doing 10 SSH before trading places with his partner who was doing the exercise. The partners alternated in this fashion until each team reached the number of reps below.
B: Burbies x 100
O: Overhead Clappers x 150
M: Merkins x 200
B: Big Boy Sit-ups x 250
S: Squats x 300 (Due to time constraints these were modified to 50)
At the halfway point the SSH were increased from 10 to 30 (single count). When the teams were done they were instructed to run laps around the circle or join another team to help them finish. This was a tough exercise someone suggested that it should be called a F&*%$ Stink BOMB.

Box Cutters x 15 IC 4CT

We closed with Name-O-Rama, Announcements and a short prayer. It was an honor to led today. Unicorn is on Q for the Bear.

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