3/26 Fartlek Backblast

Some men are just scared of bridges.  There’s no shame in it really.  It can get windy up there.  And have you seen who works on those construction crews?  I don’t want some of them putting together a Spiderman Lego set.  Definite structural integrity concerns.

If a completely rational fear of bridges kept you from posting at the Bridge Run on Saturday morning, this was your time to shine.  No bridges on this course.

With no FNGs, we did a short WARMARA:  SSH x 25 IC –> Merkins x 10 IC (double count)  –> Carioca down and back.

Then the THANG was announced.  Mosey as a group around the big loop from the Club to Garber Parking lot, with each PAX taking turns in alphabetical order by F3 name calling out a number of burpees for the group to complete.

A few observations:  (1)  This group has a strong mastery of the alphabet.  No miscues.  (2)  Delegating is a tool for the lazy and overworked alike.  Delegating the number of exercises to the PAX was a good choice.  No one severely abused their temporary authority.  Predictably, McRib and Oz pushed the group.  (3)  We did at least 50 burpees before reaching Meadows Park.

At Meadows Park, we did:  Broad Jump across parking lot –>  Lt. Dan walk back –>  Captain Thors x 10.

We continued the alphabetical mosey back to the Club, substituting Merkins for Burpees for this stretch.

Cutting it close on the finish, the only MARY was Down Dog –>  Up Dog.

We closed with a short prayer.

T-Claps to those who posted at the Bridge Run on Saturday.  We had a good showing.  Our competition was intimidated by our F3 branded merchandise until they saw us run.  PAX that I know were present:  Harris Teeter, Sputnik, Plan B, Gypsy, Mr. Roboto, McRib, 420, Kevorkian, Peeping Tom, Cuddy, Flanksteak.  Special RESPECT to Kevorkian for winning his age group.

HT out.


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