The Loop – Car = 3 Burpees

10 men showed up on a rainy Monday for the 3rd edition of this workout…


  • Too cold and wet!
  • Just starting running!!


That Thang – The Big Loop

  • Run out to Country Club Rd
  • Pit Stop #1 (Behind #1 Green)
    • Side-straddle Hops x25 IC
  • Run along to Chelsea Rd
    • 30-count strides (sprints) with mosey back to six x3
  • Pit Stop #2 (Trent Woods Office Suites Parking Lot)
    • WMD Bear Craw with Werkins, Merkins, Diamond Merkins x10 each
  • Black Snake to Country Club Dr
  • Pit Stop #3 (Median beside Town Hall)
    • American Hammer x20 IC
    • Superman Yellow Sun x10 IC
    • Superman Red Sun x10 IC
    • LBCx x30 OYO
  • Run along Country Club Dr
    • Random change from Run forwards/backwards, Carioca left/right, Vertigo left/right (spinning) left/right
  • Pit Stop #4 (Meadows Park Parking Lot)
    • Suicides at about 10, 20, 30 yards x2
  • Scout Run with turn onto Greenwood Rd/Fairway Dr
    • Lead ran out 40 yards with Imperial Walkers until caught by group
  • Pit Stop #5 (Garber Ministry Center Parking Lot)
    • 5 stations – Derkins, Diamond Merkins, Merkins, Stagger Merkin Left, Stagger Merkins Right
      • x10 first lap around parking lot, x5 second lap
    • Mosey to Club entrance, All You Got Sprint to Club parking lot
    • Bonus – Burpees x3 every time a car passed the group along the entire route



  • Too Tired!
  • Out of Time!



  • Spaghetti Dinner at Centenary Wednesday night to raise money for Gander’s M’s trip to Haiti
  • Sign up for Bridge Run
  • QIC closed in prayer


AWESOME EFFORT BY ALL!!!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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