The Bear – ACC Tourney trivia

10 men gathered at NBHS in   good conditions for The Bear.  Since it is ACC tourney weekend YHC decided to test the Pax ‘s knowledge of ACC tourney history. FNGs so we jumped into….


  • SSH x 10
  • cotton pickers x 10
  • Hamstring stretch OYO
  • Sun gods x 10
  • Winthorpe Achilles Stretch OYO
  • 5 burpees

Pre Thang (Employee parking lot)

  • Bataan Death march – consisted of an Indian run( around parking lot) with person in the back of the line starts with 5  burpees then sprints to tap the next man ahead to stop for his 5 burpees, then run to front of the line.  We cycled through this 4   more times per man dropping down from 4 merkins, 3 burpees, 2 merkins , 1 burpees each.  At the near corner we did 13  WWIs.  We then did a short mosey to the practice baseball field for…..

The Thang Field of Dreams.. ACC torney trivia

The following questions were asked to the Pax during the workout to determine the number of reps below:

With UNC being in todays ACC final, either UNC or Dook have played in how many of the last consecutive ACC finals? – 22  ( wake and Gatech tech played for  the 1996 ACC tourney title)

Dook has how many tourney titles – 20;  UNC? 18.  NC State? 10

Which venue hosted the first 13 ACC tournements?  Reynolds coliseum (honeywagon nailed this one)

Starting at home plate the pax ran to first base did 22 merkins, then ran to 2nd base to do 22 squats, then to 3rd for 22 LBCs,  then back to home plate SSH until the six was in.   The Pax  would rinse and repeat around the bases cycling down to 20, 18, 13, 10 reps..  Back to the shovel flag for…

The Mary: extended

  • Box cutters x 10
  • freddie mercuries x 15
  • Pelvic thrusts x 10 by unicorn
  • Shoulder taps x 10 by teeter
  • Dying cockroaches x 40 by 420
  • there were some others exercises that I forgot
  • 5  burpees OYO


Oz on Q for fartlek, 420 on for the Bear.  Keep signing up to Q!

Ingrown signing off

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