Laps of Anguish

A little post- Super Bowl Fartlek to get everyone’s week started.

Warm O Rama:

2 sets of parking lot sprints

Stretch OYO

The Thang:

Run from Parking Lot to clubhouse

Backward Lunge down the cart ramp

Run to Pool Stairs – squat jumps up the stairs

Run back to Parking lot – ski hops over curbs

Run to hill behind the club – backwards run up the hill 2x

Jog along #18 & #17 to Country Club Rd, hang a left to NBGCC entrace

Sprint the entrance to NBGCC(75%, 85%, and 100%) to first speed bump

Rinse & Repat 3x


Global Warming with Bobby Hurley’s, Mountain Climbers, Iron Mike’s, and Freddie Mercury’s


Need someone on Q for Bushwood this week!

Sweep the Leg & Honey Wagon are planning an F3 fundraiser for Cottle Park – more details to come…

Closed out in prayer.

Thanks for coming out, Gents!


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