On your left…left…left

A Pax of 9 decided to fight the fartsack and tackle the Fartlek on this very rainy Monday morning.  Unfortunately YHC had no ideas on how to keep the Pax dry so instead we just ignored the rain.  With no FNG’s we jumped right in with:

SSH’s IC x25, Frankenstein’s IC x10, Oz legs pulls OYO, quad stretches OYO and Downward Dog OYO.  We then moseyed to the club entrance to begin the Thang:

The theme was based on counting light and electric poles on our left.

For our first leg we ran from the Club, then left on Tenella, around to the business park on Chelsea.  There are approximately 28 poles on the left between those points.  The Pax counted them and every 5th pole back peddled to the previous pole until we got the business park.  Once there we planked for the 6 and then did 15 Burpees OYO

For the next leg to Meadows Park we stopped at every 4th pole to do 10 squats, planked for the 6 and then did 15 Burpees OYO

For the next leg to Country Club Dr we stopped at every other pole to do 10 merkins, planked for the 6 then did 5 Burpees OYO due to time

For the final leg back to the club parking lot we alternated mosey and sprint from pole to pole.

Arriving back home a couple of minutes late and with no desire to lay down YHC skipped Mary and closed in prayer.

Thanks gentlemen I had fun in the rain this morning-always an honor to lead.


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