Bushwood BB

17 showed up on a 28 degree morning that felt warm compared to recent weather.  Second workout in a row with an FNG (yes!) so YHC dusted off the mission statement and disclaimer.  Thanks to Kevorkian we saw the space station before jumping into a warm up of:

  • SSH IC x 25
  • Sun Gods IC x 10 forward
  • Sun Gods IC x 10 backwards
  • High Knees IC x 25
  • Cotton Pickers IC x10
  • Down Dog Stretch

We then went on a mosey out of the club, right on country club road, left on country club drive, left on Greenwood, right on country club road and then right onto #11 fairway.  This is approximately a mile.  We stopped each tenth of a mile for burpees.  Starting with 1 at first stop, 2 at next stop, 3 at next stop and so on.  End result was one mile and 55 burpees.

On #11 fairway we found 2 lit cones approximately 40 yards apart.  We partnered up with Partner A performing an exercise and partner B headed to far cone and back and then flap jack.  The following were performed twice:

  • Partner A – Plank Jacks, Partner B – Bear Crawl and run backwards
  • Partner A – Overhead Clap Squat, Partner B – Crab Walk and run backwards
  • Partner A – Merkins, Partner B – Lt. Dan and run backwards
  • Partner A – Plank, Partner B – Broad Jump (have you seen Unicorn do this??) and run backwards

We then moseyed under the club for Wall Taps IC x 15 and BTW 5 count per man.  Completing the Blue Hawaiian Lap we returned to parking lot for Mary:

  • WWI x20
  • LSF IC x 15
  • LBC x 50
  • Box Cutter IC x 20

Welcome Plan B (Jeff Spray) and great to see Bitcoin back again.  Keep coming, fellas!  It was also good to see a good size PAX today.  This cold weather seems to have been recently holding some back.  Keep it up and come to the Point.  Acolyte on Q.  Ingrown on Q for the Bear and Cuddy on the Fartlek.  It’s wide open after that so sign up to Q!

Make up Pursuit of Hoppyness today at 6:00 at the Bruin.  Come out before the snow!

YHC took us out in prayer!

As always, an honor.

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