Bushwood Backblast – 1/10

An unusually light crowd of 7 posted this morning with the intention to get better. The parking lot had been pretty well cleared, but a version of the disclaimer was given with the potential for slippage (and it was needed).


  • Jump Ropes x30 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x12 IC
  • Helicopter Arm Swings x10 IC
  • Windmills x10 IC


While driving by yesterday, the tennis courts were being shoveled, so YHC thought it might be a good place to visit for some work. So, from the employee lot the Pax moseyed toward the tennis courts with a stop at the end of the drive for

  • Chilcutt Parker Peters x10 IC

Once at the Tennis courts, Pax partnered up for Dora 1, 2, 3. Pax A performs the given exercise while Pax B runs a lap around the perimiter of both tennis courts and then switches with the other partner after each lap unitl the total number of reps are completed. Exercises were:

  • Merkins x100
  • Squats x200
  • Flutter Kicks x300

The Pax got a little extra balance work on the back corner of the courts as they were super icy. Looks like the tennis courts were shoveled, but not salted. Ok, time to get out of there.

Mosey back down the drive to stop at the retaining walls between 18 green and 10 tee for alternating sets of:

  • Tricep Extensions x12, x10, x8 SC
  • Derkins x12, x10, x8 SC

Next move was carefully down the ice hill to under the club for a lunge walk down the straightaway to the turnaround for a bear crawl back. Lunge walk again to the turnaround and then crabwalk back.

  • BTTW 10 count down the line.

Then to the curb for alternating sets of:

  • Irkins x12, x10, x8 SC
  • Iron Mikes x10, x8, x6 OYO (YHC tried to do these in cadence but the audible was called to go OYO because it just wasn’t working)

Back up to the parking lot for McRib Arm Flaps (Nitrous Oxide Dump). 3 sets of 10: Squats, Forward Flaps, Non-Jumping Jack Flaps, and Overhead Presses


  • Side Plank Toe Taps x7 IC, each side.
  • Freddy Mercuries x20 IC
  • LBCs x20 SC


Thanks everyone for the hard work this morning, glad to be out there with you.

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