Bushwood Back Blast

12 of the NB Pax showed up on a chilly morning to get better.  The goal of today was to keep moving so as to avoid the cold.  So promptly at 05:30 YHC  started right off with a mosey down number 9.  Nearing the tee box we stopped for some SSH IC x20. Cars pulled in the main drive of the club, one of which we thought was Cuddy.  So we moseyed back up to the employee parking lot where we picked up Bubble Guts  and performed Imperial Walkers IC x 20.   No sign of Cuddy we moseyed down the entrance turned right and headed over to number 10 fairway where we did High Knees IC x 20.   Continuing to move we headed up to the fairway near the tee box and did a round of Up/Down going around the circle.  Moving on we ran over to the back of the main parking lot and partnered up.  Partner A ran a long Blue Hawaiian Lap while Partner B performed an exercise and flap/jack.  The  exercises were:

  • Plank Jacks
  • American Hammer
  • Low Country Crab
  • Jump Squat

Continuing to move we ran down number one fairway with YHC calling out exercises along the way:

  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 15 IC
  • WWI Sit up x 15
  • Squats x 15 IC
  • Burpess x15

We then ran back up number one with YHC calling on members of the Pax to lead exercises.  The following was done:

  • High Knees x 20 IC (Morning)
  • Ranger Merkins x 20 with a terrible hold at the end (Conrad Murray)
  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC (Ingrown)
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC (Oz)
  • Burpee x 10

And back to employee parking lot for Mary:

  • Low Dolly x 15 IC
  • LBC x 30
  • Box Cutters x 15 IC

Kevorkian/Paddington Co-Qs for Friday.  It’s going to be  a cold one.  Speaking of, anyone have suggestions for warm socks?  I can’t keep my toes warm.  Finally, please SIGN UP to Q!  In particular we need on for the Bear this Saturday 1/6/18.

We finished up in prayer.As always an honor to lead.  Aye!


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