The Fartlek

Mosey to Camellia
-SSH x 20
-Ranger Merkins x 20
-Mosey to intersection w/ Country Club
-90% to Office parking lot

-90% to office park, back for the six
-@ office parking lot
-Imperial Walkers x 10
-Burpee x 10

Death march to Coquina (½ mile)
Sungods x 10 each side
Cotton Pickers.

Mosey to Meadows Park, Death March for those left out of the first
Lunges x 2 lenghts
Karioka x 4 lenghts
Sleeping Hillbilly x 10 both sides

Indian Run (Prisoner) to Greenwood

Mosey to Garber Parking Lot
LBC x 30

Back to NBGCC as fast as you can (Q fail, will be clearer in future)

-Boat Canoe
-Boxcutters x 20

-bring new children’s coat for F3 Christmas Party
Closed in prayer

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