Friday! Point Backblast

A Pax of 13 Men emerged from the warm sack to get cold, wet and hurt.  The Friday (movie) theme brought  out a few to see what it was all about but unfortunately had absolutely nothing to do with the beatdown.

No FNG’s so we went straight to:

Warm 0 Rama

SSH x 20; Cotton Pickers x 20; Imperial Walkers x 20; Windmills x 20; Jump Ropes x 20, Downward to Upward Dog (Warewolves) x 2 OYO.

Partner Pull-Ups to failure.


Slow Mosey around Circle, last quarter backwards to flag pole.

Partner Up for some Dora Work on the field to a 75 yard cone:

P1 Sprint/P2 Merkins, Switch off x2;    P1 Sprint/P2 American Hammers, Switch off x2;    P1 Sprint/P2 LBC’s, Switch off x2.

20 Partner Leg Lift press downs, followed by 15 more.

O-Face for a loooooooong 20 count, missing some numbers and also adding a heavy, persistent and nauseating aroma, inducing everyone to beg for an exercise taking us to the cone, 75 yds upwind.

‘BearSquats’: 8 count bear crawl followed by 2 Copperhead squats all the way to the cone and back.  6″ hold for the Six.

‘CrabCrunches’: 8 count crab crawl followed by 2 WW1’s all the way to the cone and back.  Plank for the Six.

Sprint to the Cone and Back.

With a heavy stench lingering, suffering frozen wet hands and backs, mosey to the Gazebo, for:


Travoltas x15 each side, OYO;   Dr. W’s (I’m not giving up) x 8 or so slow count; Reverse Crunch x 20 OYO;   Freddie Mercuries x 20 OYO;    WW2’s x 50.  YHC had to cut off a few to get a pen (see below)


Name 0 Rama and COT

Despite lots of hell, jeers and Q-directed disdain, YHC actually used paper and pen to record the PAX.  Some of the PAX gazed at the operation and apparently have never handwritten anything in their life.

YHC took us out in Prayer.

Thanks for coming out and it’s always a pleasure to see a healthy turnout at the Point.


Unicorn has two free passes ($25 value/ea, Black Friday value $0) for anyone wanting to run Thursday am.  Contact him if interested.  The Race/Fun Run is Thursday am, Taberna.

–Morning stayin hard on the Bear tomorrow-

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