Fartlek Combine Recap

13 showed up to quantify their measurables at the highly publicized 2017 Fartlek Combine.  If you missed it live it will surely be playing all week on The Ocho.  It was a change of pace from our usual fartlek, no one was out of breath but the hammys, quads, and groins are going to be screaming tomorrow.

We jogged from the parking lot out to the road and around the Greenwood loop into the Garber parking lot and did plyos to get loose:

  • Cariocas
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Frankensteins
  • Stretch OYO

Everyone performed 5 40-yard sprints and a measured standing broad jump between each sprint.

Image result for nfl combine records

We looped back around Greenwood and back into the parking lot to repeat.

Image result for nfl combine records

5 x 40-yard sprints, completing merkins between each sprint to total 51 merkins in honor of Justin Ernest who holds the record for the most reps of 225 lbs on bench press…51!

Image result for nfl combine records

  • Groin Stretches
  • Fire Hydrants straight up x 10 each leg
  • Fire Hydrants circular IC x 10 each leg
  • Donkey Kicks x 20 each leg

Jog back to the club

No announcements

We closed in a shoutout to Prime Time, the true champion of the combine.


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