Is it a Spade or it is a Club?

My answer is “Who the hell knows…”  Unfortunately, that’s not what you want from your dealer – which was the case today.

I’ve done some online research and while I thought you could find anything on the Internet, it doesn’t appear anyone  in the world (besides me) has a problem telling the difference between a spade and a club – which I think makes me very special.

We started with a Deck of cards and took 4 cards out at a time.  We did:
Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Murkens
Clubs = High Knee Jumps
Spade = Air Squats
Corresponding to the number on the card. Ace = 14, King = 13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11 and JOKER = 75% sprint around the park

We would do 2 pull ups in between each set of 4 cards.

In total: 105 Burpees, 105 Murkens, 105 High Knee Jumps, 105 Air Squats, 26 Pull Ups and 2 75% Pace Sprints around the park

But…that wasn’t enough so we moseyed down to the bridge and grabbed the large rocks and did shoulder presses, shoulder raises, up-right-rows and American Hammer.

But…that wasn’t enough either.  So we did 50 calf raises and ended with low, slow flutter, X’s and O’s and James Bond.  We made use of every moment.  Great work today.




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