The Point – Friday the 13th

7 men gathered at Union Point in the drizzle to start their Friday. The Mumfest organizers blocked our usual entrance, but this did not stop Unicorn from finding an alternate. With no FNGs YHC being in a slight funk after the Panther’s loss and sore from Mr. Roboto’s Bushwood beatdown kicked things off with a focus on the lower body and 13 reps of each exercise in honor of Friday the 13th .

Sun Gods x 13 IC 4CT (front and back)
Windmills x 13 IC 4CT
SSH x 13 IC, 4 CT
Downward Dog OYO

Mosey to back of convention center for some partner sets
100 Merkins & 100 Squats (In total alternating between partners)
100 Dips & 100 Squats (In total alternating between partners)

The Pax then moseyed to front of convention center for a raccoon walk, before crossing the street to the parking lot for some more fun….

Sprinted to End – 5 Burpies – Karaoke Back – 13 Squats – Rinsed and Repeated
Sprinted to End – 5 Burpies – Lunge Back – 13 WWIs
Sprinted to End – 5 Burpies – Lt. Dan Back – 13 Squats

We then moseyed back to Union Point by way of the dock and YHC heard disappointment from the pax as he moved past the gazebo and focused his attention on some blinking lights in the distance. Once there we did a bear crawl to take a closer look and after finding the source and determining that it was benign returned with partner wheelbarrows. We also managed to work in some WWI’s and squats. Next we moseyed to steps in front of the gazebo and did 100 calf raises.

LBC x 13 IC
Freddy Mercuries x 13 IC 4CT
Box Cutters X 13 IC 4CT
John Travolta’s x 13 IC 4CT (Each Side)

We closed with Name-O-Rama and Prayer

We need Q’s for tomorrow and next Friday.




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