Stars and Stripes

22 men gathered on a beautiful morning at Bushwood, ready to show our respect to the flag of our great nation.  With no FNG’s and a long workout ahead of us, we jumped right in.

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Windmills IC x20
Moroccan Nightclub IC x30
Downward Dog/Upward Dog
Annie IC x10 each arm
Short mosey to #17 fairway


PAX was divided into 5 groups and assigned to one of five cones that were arranged in a star pattern.  At each cone the PAX performed a merkin based exercise and then did Lt. Dans to the next cone in a star pattern (example start at cone 1, move in sequence to 3, 5, 2, 4).  Merkin exercises were:

Catalina Wine Mixer x25
Dive Bombers x25
Spiderman Merkin x25
Scorpion Dry Dock x25
Merkin Wipes x25

Short mosey over to the hill by #18 green

PAX partnered up to create the stripes of our flag.  Partner A did a Bear Crawl up and down the hill while Partner B did WMDs.  Partner A and B swapped until a total of 75 WMDs were completed.

After demonstrating our respect to the flag, the Q and PAX were gassed.  Kevorkian led us in a quick recovery time where we observed the International Space Station.  Q then led a short mosey back to the gather parking lot to complete the workout.

After demonstrating Fitness and Faith that no one would Bear Crawl into the river, we held a Princess Tea Party to promote male bonding and Fellowship.  The PAX partnered up and did 25 Pattycake Merkins and a Partner People’s Chair (Conrad Murray wanted to bond more than the Q was comfortable with, but he eventually went back-to-back instead of back-to-front).

Rosalita Whip IC x20
Windshield Wipers IC x20

Cuddy on Point and HT on Bear
Closed in prayer

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