The Fartlek

16 men posted to wonderful weather for the Fartlek.

Warm up
Sun gods
Imperial Walkers x 15
SSH x20
Downward dog calf stretches

Run to garber parking lot
Dips on the wall x 20
Derkins x x 20

Mosey to CC Road, Sprint light poles , Mosey back to six

At park, mini Murph
1 pull up
2 merkins
3 squats
Repeat x 10

Travoltas x 20 per side
LBCs x 50 (single count)

Snake run back to Garber.  Leg and torso stretches at Garber.

Windmills (slow)
Low slow flutter x 20
Box cutters x 19

Closed in Prayer

On Deck
Bushwood – @F3flanksteak
The Point Unicorn
Bear Morning

The Pursuit of Hoppyness – 9/13 5:30PM at The Bruin

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