Field of Dreams……Part Deux

12 men gathered at NBHS in very humid conditions for The Bear.  Field of Dreams was a workout for the Bear back in January and YHC wanted to see how it would go over in the August heat.  No FNGs so we jumped into….


  • SSH x 19
  • Merkins x 8, 4 ct  (with lots more to come
  • Hamstring stretch OYO
  • Winthorpe Achilles Stretch OYO

Pre Thang (Employee parking lot)

  • Bataan Death march – consisted of an Indian run( around parking lot) with person in the back of the line starts with 3 burpees then sprints to tap the next man ahead to stop for his 3 burpees, then run to front of the line.  We cycled through this 3 times per man dropping down from 3, 2 , 1 burpees each.  At the near corner we did 19 WWI.  We then did a short travis mosey to the practice baseball field for…..

The Thang Field of Dreams.. build it and they will come.

Starting at home plate the pax ran to first base did 8 merkins, then ran to 2nd base to do 8 squats, then to 3rd for 9 LBCs,  then back to home plate SSH until the six was in.   The Pax  would rinse and repeat around the bases cycling up by 1 rep until number 19.  This was much harder in the August heat, mumblechatter was nonexistent.

Post thang –

We did a short travis mosey to side parking lot (in the shade thank goodness)  Starting in a plank line , the person on the end of each line would run to the benches and do 8 incline merkins, 8 pull ups under the benches, and then 19 dips.  The rest of the Pax at the same time were to hold plank (until failure) until  it was their turn.  As we cycled down the line the rest of the Pax were just instructed to keep active by  Planking, LBCs, or just straight laying down.  Do to the heat, this part I admit was very disjointed. There was just enough time to mosey over to a near by wall to do a round of peoples chair and balls to the wall with 10 sec countdown per man.  Then a short mosey back to flag for…

The Mary:

  • Box cutters x 8 ( in @F3 Flanksteak’s honor)
  • James Bond isometric core hold (not sure the  name?) led by Winthorpe
  • Side Crunches x 15 (each side)  by Faulkner
  • Dying cockroaches x 10  by Teeter


Honeywagon has tickets for sale for Octoberfest, no other real announcements,  Oz is Q for fartlek, , Winthorpe is Q for bushwood, and O-face is Q for the Point.   Virgin Q coming up for the next bear by CornFed (way to step up!)

Ingrown signing off

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