Fartlek Backblast-Tour de Trent Woods

11 men gathered on a fall like morning ready to run 4 miles and a few other things.

Warm – sungods , SSH’s, calf stretches, mountain climbers, plank jacks

Brisk mosey to the corner of Tenella

Sprint to other end of Tenella and 30 merkins

Sprint back to original end of Tenella and 10 burpees

Burpee run to TW office park

Freddie Mercury and dying cockroach

Scout run to meadows park

Partner up for combination of sprints and SSHs

Snake run back to club with a stop for burpees and a victory lap around Garber parking lot and a sprint to the finish

No time for Mary as hard stop was upon us

No announcements

Pastor Oz led us out


By my calculation, this was 3.85 miles.  Good work by all.  It was a pleasure to lead.

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