The Bear – More cow bell please

10 men posted this morning plus yours truly amid the humid gloom.  Mumble chatter was alive with weekend plans, camp drop offs / pickups, days on the river and nights on the town that included your choice of band.  Sorry for no Pre-Blast (sound check and all that) as I got the call yesterday for my cow bell talents and assisted Nantucket last night it was a great time.  I can’t believe those guys as still doing it after all these years……

We began with a straggler lap to the corner of the parking lot and carioca 1/2 way back switching up to ensure that both legs got equal time.  Lo and behold the straggler lapped worked as we picked up Flank Steak and we made our way around the Horne and back for Warm O Rama

Warm O Rama

  • Chinooks x 15, IC 4 CT
  • Sun Gods x 15, IC 4 CT
  • Abe Vigoda x 10 IC 4CT
  • Cross leg stretch (Left leg over Rt knee, grasp Rt knee with both hands stretch)
  • Frankenstein x 10 IC 2 CT
  • Imperial Walkers x 10, IC 4 CT (I found these hard to count and breath at the same time….)
  • Mountain Climbers x 20, IC 4 CT
  • Burpos x 10, OYO (Start at squat position, hands out legs out, push up, back to squat)

Sufficiently warm,  we moseyed around to the covered area and continued with;

  • Calf raises – 50 each
  • Alternate step up with one foot over down, repeat – 50 each
  • Derkins – 25 each
  • Inclined Merkins – 25 each

Continuing onward we moseyed around to the lacrosse field (aptly named for Winthorpe) and began The Thang

The Thang

2 lines of cones approximately 30 yds apart, partner up, each pair picks up a sandbag

  1. P1 Burpees, P2 Shot put sand bag then frog jump to sand bag shot put again, back and forth 1 time, switch rinse repeat, run 1 lap, Al Gore for six
  2. P1 & P2 back to back on your six. Pass sandbag around from side to side 25 times. Switch directions. Take lap plank for six.
  3. P1 & P2 foot to foot on your six. P1 sit up w/ sand bag overhead toss to P2.  P2 back down over head sit up and toss to P1.  50 times.  Take lap Al Gore for the six.
  4. P1 Squat kicks, P2 Side squats w/ sand bag  across and back, switch rinse repeat, run 1 lap, Plank for the six
  5. P1 Plank walks w/ burpee, P2 skip runs back and forth from side to side 10 times, switch rinse repeat, run 1 lap, leg raise for six

We had H2O break for some re hydration and recover time

We finished with the Mary

  • Dr. W – 1 is legs apart like a Low Dolly, 2 is legs together, 3 is raise the legs to Rosalita position (45-60 degrees-ish), 4 is spread ‘em, 5 is The W (hands together and stretching forward between your legs), 6 is the return to your back (legs still up), 7 is legs together, 8 is legs down.  – 10 total
  • Austin Ass Kickers – 20 IC, 1 CT (All fours, left leg out, right arm out, switch repeato)
  • Hydraulic Squats – Squat, left knee down, right knee down, reverse 10 IC, 1 CT
  • Dealers Choice – Cuddy led us in ???? I can’t remember as I was ready to pass out at this point.  Nicley done Cuddy
  • Dealers Choice – Winthorpe led in a bazillion LBC’s  I’ll appreciate this one tomorrow.  Nicely done Winthorpe

Time was up at this point.  Oz is up for the Fartlek, 420 has Bushwood and McRibb has the point, Damn…..Y’all need to sign up I’m serious.

Q took us out in prayer.  What a great way to start your Saturday, thanks men for keeping this real.  Peace out Faulkner


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