Bombs on the Hill

24 men showed up at Bushwood on a steamy morning to say adieu to the hill on 18 as we know her.   FNG WikiLeaks was the first on the scene.  I’m guess he was doing some surveillance – no doubt to be used at a later date.  The rest came pouring in and chatter was strong.  YHC gave the one-minute warning and at 0530 launched into the disclaimer and mission statement.  We started as follows:

  • Sun Gods X20 forward
  • Sun Gods X20 backwards
  • SSH x50 – YHC wasn’t planning on going this high, but I couldn’t hear my own count during Sun Gods with all the chatter.  And UE, C.C. Rider, Up Early wasn’t even there.

YHC turned it over to Co-Q, O-Face who led

  • High Knees x20
  • Cotton Pickers x10
  • Monkey Humpers x10

We then moseyed to 17 fairway  via the entrance to the  Club, right on Country Club to cart path at 10 to tee box on 17.  3 cones were placed about 50 yards apart.

  • Partner work
    • Partner Bear Crawl – Partner A bear crawl to middle cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B Plank Jacks  and then Flap Jack
    • Partner Sprint – Partner A sprint to 3rd cone (100 yard dash), run backwards to starting point.  Partner B Catalina Wine Mixer and then Flap Jack
    • Partner Crab Walk – Partner A crab walk to middle cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B WWI sit ups and then Flap Jack
    • Partner Lt. Dan – Partner A Lt. Dan (Lunge, Lunge, Squat) to middle cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B plank and then Flap Jack.

Sufficiently warmed up O-Face took over and led us on a mosey to our friend on 18 where we performed BOMBS

  • Partner A exercise at the bottom of the hill. Partner B run up and down hill at least twice before switching off.
  • B = burpees x 30
  • O = overhead clap (in a squat) x 60
  • M = merkins x 90
  • B = big boy (WWII) situps x 120
  • S = squats x 150

Bombed out, we moseyed back to employee parking lot where O-Face led LSF x20.  YHC then led a Pax predicted round of Box Cutters but only made  x6 before the clock struck 0615.  Hard Stop, so we stopped.

On the heels of learning that the men of Carterico recently achieved region status it occurs to me how quickly F3NewBern has grown.  It seems 24 at Bushwood may be a new record.  Equally impressive is the fitness of the Pax.  Everyone crushed it today and pushed himself hard.  Strong work, Pax! That hill is no joke but no one backed down.  The good (or bad – depending on how you look at it) news is it is likely off limits for the next 3 months as 18 green is moved.


McRib on Q for the Point.

No Bear this week.  Caravan of clown cars headed to  Western Carteret launch at Western Park in Cedar Point.  Deuce on Q.   Meet at NBHS at 0545.

Still need a Q for the Fartlek Monday.

And sign up to Q future dates.  Let Mr. Roboto know if you need help finding google docs spreadsheet.  If you haven’t Q’d before and want to ease into it ask anyone who has Q’d to Co-Q with you.  You won’t be turned down!

No other announcements – YHC took us out in prayer.

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