Fartlek Backblast

Sun gods x 20
Cotton pickers x 20
Imperial walkers x30
Plank Stretches – each side x 5
Travolta’s x 20 each side
Ssh x 30
Mosey to Garber parking lot (did four laps, each with a sprint, followed by exercise, followed by mosey to the start.)
Lap 1
Sprint length of lot
Mosey to mid section of far lot
Plank, side plank for the 6
20 merkins

Lap 2
American Hammer for the 6
30 lbcs

Lap 3
Sprint length of the lot
Al Gore for the 6
Lunges to the start

Lap 4
Derkins x 20

Mosey to park (Indian Run – Indian runs via Carioca, modify if needed.)
-stop at Village Green Drive for Downward dog, leg extensions
At Meadows park
Dancing Bears x 4 – Q failed on this one – will regroup
Dancing Chillcuts
Travoltas (x 20 per side)

Mosey Back to Lot – LBCs just prior to Country Club


Q was a bit late getting back to the parking lot so it was a Mary free Monday.

Closed in prayer.

Enjoyed it!

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