Merkin March

18 Pax rolled up early to meet @ Bushwood for a soggy, damp, fun filled morning for what would be “chest/shoulder day.”  Though some were probably uneasy about the title of this program, all should not have been concerned as Bubble Guts has the chest of a wounded bird. If the Q can take it, we all can.

The Ruckers were winding up their fun at a 4:30 start (respect to those guys). Once they joined in, we jumped right into it…..

Warm a Rama:

sungods x15

calf stretches – oyo – 1 minute

plank jacks – x 15

imperial walkers x15

Downward dog/back stretches – 1 minute oyo

Side Straddle Hops – x15


Mosey to 11’th fairway

That Thang – Merkin March

Each Pax gathered around a cone. 8 cones total.

At first cone – 15 Merkins –> Bear Crawl to next cone –> 15 tricep dips –> crab walk – repeat

Each pax member circled back to their original cone.

LBCs x30

Rinse and repeat Merkin march lowering count to 10

LBCs x 30

Mosey to the HILL

Jacobs Ladder

Body Builder Merkin/American Hammer – started with 1/10 and made it to 10/1

The Mary:

Copperhead Squats x15

Boat Canoe x 8

Wimpys x 15

Box Cutters with Flank  in cadence


Mr. Roboto is getting our updated new bern f3 site up and running. When you see him thank him for all of his hard work and efforts on our behalf. The website is Check it out.

Also, “Pursuit of Hoppyness” is tonight at 5:30 at the Thirsty Bruin. Come if you can.

Thank you all for coming out. Always a pleasure to lead.

Make it a good one,

Bubble Guts

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