B_B,,,for free!

14 Big Ballers showed up for the Fartlek this am.  We may not be big enough ballers to pay $495 for Lonzo’s shoes, but no need to….F3 is free (core principle #1)  The plan for BBB became B_B due to time.  Dropping one seemed to be my theme of the day – We lost KFC on the run!!!  I’m so sorry!!!!


Sun gods x10 IC (front and back)
Windmills x10 IC
Leg stretches


The Thang
One mile run around Garber loop to Garber parking lot (Sorry again KFC!!)

B #1 – Black Jack
1 Merkin. Run to other end of parking lot 20 LBC’s. Run back 2 Merkins. Other end 19 LBC’s. Repeat until 20 Merkins/1 LBC – always adding up to 21

B #2 – Black Snake Burpee Mile – Skipped due to time.  Mosey to #10 fairway instead.

B #3 – Bruce Lee (all IC – 4 count)
American Hammer x15
Leg Raises IC x10
LBC’s x10
Heel Touches x10
Crunchy Frog x10
100s x25

Let O-Face know if you have running event you would like him to pass on along to the local run club
Pursuit of Hoppyness – Wed 5:30: The Bruin

OIC closed in Prayer

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